* Comfortable and convenient to use
* Guarantee the protection of your corners
* Recommended for your Pets
* Approved by the owners of small dogs


Dear friends!

We are glad to offer you our model of a diaper «DiaperOnACorner». It guarantees protection of corners in your house: whether it is furniture, walls, doorway, home appliances or any other corner chosen by your pet.

«DiaperOnACorner» - is a comfortable and convenient use. Just unfold and attach the diaper to the corner.

«DiaperOnACorner» is made by hand with care for you and your Pets.

How did the idea of creating a diaper on a corner.

In our family, two small dogs: the Yorkshire Terrier and the miniature Pinscher. Even with them and walk twice a day but still put on a night diaper. Our Yorick isn't young (he's 9) so he apparently does not want to endure or can not, we do not know, but began to walk a little on the diaper. Looking on him and Pinscher became enjoy the privileges. As we all know, dogs like to mark and write on all protruding, whether it's furniture, Bush, table leg, etc. In our case they have chosen a corner in the apartment. Urine began to get to the Wallpaper, baseboard, and from there it was not possible to remove it, including the smell. Had to change the Wallpaper. We thought about how we could make a diaper so that she and the floor covered the corner. That's what pushed us to make the diaper so that the dog could piss on her and in the corner, not at the expense of the repair of the apartment. Here is such a here is history.

What we produce.

1) We produce 40 x 60 size diapers with built-in corner to protect the Wallpaper, baseboards, furniture, etc.from dog urine on them. Diapers disposable. Do manually. Are designed and recommended for small breeds dogs.

2) We produce diapers with a protective screen for reusable corners. It's a solid film covering your angle, fastened to the baseboard, walls, furniture, etc. and leaves no traces is not spoiling them. Below it just put the diaper with the cut. The protective screen Itself you can wash or wipe. But eventually it absorbs the smell of urine. You just change it to a new one, which comes complete with a diaper. In this form, in rare cases, it is possible to get urine on the floor, but absolutely protects the ingress of urine on the Wallpaper and for the skirting Board.

Take orders.

We take orders for production of angular diapers on the individual sizes for your houses and apartments.

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